Developed in collaboration with Infinite Ability Solutions a company that specialises in disability support, training and workshops, as well as assistive technology. Introducing AbleBooth, the empathetic AI chatbot for inclusive communication and support! 🎉🌟

AbleBooth is a cutting-edge virtual assistant designed to empower and engage individuals about disabilities. With its inclusive and accessible interface, AbleBooth creates a safe space for people of all abilities to seek guidance about disabilities from Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

AbleBooth’s advanced natural language processing abilities ensure seamless conversations, adapting to each user’s unique communication style and needs.Whether it’s providing general information on disabilities, information on assistive technology or assisting you with navigating disabilities, AbleBooth is always ready to lend a helping hand.Driven by the goal of fostering inclusivity, AbleBooth celebrates diversity and strives to break down barriers.