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Website and Development

Here is a detailed description of the website, developed by Uniqova (Pty) Ltd:

Website URL:

Developer: Uniqova (Pty) Ltd

The website is a comprehensive platform designed to provide online store that allows soccer fans to buy soccer related grooming sets, gift cards and matchday spreads. It features a modern, user-friendly interface and is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.

1.Layout Design:

    • Arrangement: Bollers By TEDI online store arranges products in a straightforward grid format. Each product listing includes an image, title, and price.
    • Visual Hierarchy: The larger product images draw attention, while concise text provides essential details.
    • Typography: Clear fonts ensure readability.
    • Balance: The grid maintains visual balance.

2. Design Elements:

    • Images: Product images are essential for e-commerce. They showcase items and help users make informed choices.
    • Colors: Bollers By TEDI uses a simple color scheme, emphasizing white and blue.
    • Shapes and Lines: Minimal use of shapes and lines, focusing on product images.
    • White Space: Adequate spacing prevents clutter.

3. Website Contents:

    • Product Listings: Each product has an image, title, and price.

Categories: Users can explore different product categories (e.g., grooming sets, gift cards, and matchday spreads).

    • Pricing Information: Clear pricing helps users compare products.
    • Search Functionality: Users can search for specific items.
    • Checkout Process: Likely includes a cart and payment options.


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April, 2024


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