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Here is a detailed description of the website, developed by Uniqova (Pty) Ltd:

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The website is a comprehensive platform designed to provide information and services related to the Thobani Pyschology brand. It features a modern, user-friendly interface and is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.

1. Layout Design:

Purposeful Arrangement: Layout design involves arranging visual elements (text, images, shapes, and white space) on a page or screen. It aims to create an aesthetically pleasing and effective composition that conveys a message or tells a story.

Visual Hierarchy: Effective layouts establish visual hierarchy through text size, fonts, and spacing. Larger text signifies headings or important information, while smaller text is used for body content.

Typography: Proper typography (kerning, tracking, and leading) ensures legibility and readability.

Balance: A well-balanced layout looks good and guides viewers to understand the content


2. Design Elements:

Fonts: Different fonts evoke emotions and set the tone. Serif fonts (e.g., Times New Roman) convey tradition, while sans-serif fonts (e.g., Helvetica) suggest modernity.

Images: Thoughtfully chosen images enhance the overall aesthetic.

Shapes and Lines: These elements contribute to visual interest and organization.

White Space: Adequate white space (negative space) prevents clutter and allows content to breathe.

3. Website Contents:

About Thobani Manci: Highlight his expertise, qualifications, and approach to psychology.

Services Offered: Describe counseling, therapy, or other services provided.

Contact Information: Include phone numbers, email, and office address.

Fee Information: Elaborates how the fee structure works in terms of of the services services rendered.

Appointment Booking: Provides an easy way to schedule appointments.


Thobani Psychological Services


June, 2024


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