Tlotlo Mfolwe Incprporated Website By Uniqova

Website and Development

Here is a detailed description of the website, developed by Uniqova (Pty) Ltd:

Website URL:

Developer: Uniqova (Pty) Ltd

The website is a comprehensive platform designed to provide information and services related to the Tlotlo Mfolwe Incorporated (TMI) brand. It features a modern, user-friendly interface and is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.

Layout and Design:
1. Homepage: Features a clean, professional design with a banner highlighting key services.
2. Navigation: Simple and intuitive with a top menu bar for Home, About TMI, Mining, Logistics, Product Market, and Contact Us.
3. Visuals: High-quality images and icons, enhancing the aesthetic appeal.
4. Color Scheme: Predominantly maroon and white, conveying professionalism and trustworthiness.

1. Services: Detailed sections on mining, logistics, and product market, emphasizing expertise and capabilities.
2. About Us: Information on the company’s mission, vision, and operational strategies.
3. Contact Information: Clearly listed with office hours, phone number, and email.
4. Quick Links and Gallery: Easy access to key sections and a visual showcase of the company’s operations.

User Experience:
Responsiveness: Mobile-friendly design ensuring accessibility across devices.
Engagement: Calls-to-action like “Learn More” and “Contact Us” encouraging user interaction.


Tlotlo Mfolwe Incorporated


May, 2023


Design, Development, Maintenance and Hosting